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Dear Costumer ,

due to the increase of raw materials in the last 2 years , all the final prices of my products became higher .

So I decided to make some variable offers during the year to make all more affordable ,( so check it every month)and to lower again the price the more I could .

On product on sale wont be possible to have a further discount

You will see them as a sale, but the product is always realized on your request , so is always new !

I am independet designer and artisan , and I still do personally the most of all the work , in every case with maximum or love and care

Remember that in case of buying more products you can have a nice discount , and as usual customer you will always have a discount on leather items , all of this on my discretion .

IF YOU ARE A WELL KNOWN PERFORMER/MODEL/PHOTOGRAPHER/MISTRESS WITH BEAUTIFUL CONTENTS you can have discounts untill the 50% on leather items( shipping expenses and offers will not be included) , just write me at or DM on instagram .

This offer depends completly on my personal judgment

so may be very different depending on the single case. In case of Mistress the discounts apply just straight to them , not to others who wants to gift them .


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