Ludovica Martire is an Italian fashion designer and leather artisan. After several and varied experiences in the fashion industry, first as a footwear designer, then as a modelist and embroidery maker, she found her full artistic expression in leather crafting.

In 2017, she created her own luxury independent brand “Ludovica Martire -made in pain”, where through the combination of leather, metal and precious embroideries she expresses her dark and sensual aesthetic, exploring the many sides of woman femininity and sexuality.

Her sensual designs

are entirely produced in Italy, following the finest artisanal tradition and using only the finest leathers and materials.

In order to create a forbidden bdsm-boudoir allure to every woman who wears it, Ludovica’s collection is made up of high chokers inspired from constriction collars, hard spikes and shiny embroideries which underline the natural body curves as well as thin chains that move and dance with each body movement.

Every piece is fully hand made and it is part of her personal journey through love, pain, beauty and eroticism.

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